TODAY:  Tuesday 9th March 2021


About Us

Our small and beautiful country is full of geographical diversity and domiciled by the various types of people and different caste and tribes. Amongst those people, most of the sexual and gender minorities (SGM), in particular women are still deprived of the basic needs, i.e. food, shelter and clothes and health and education facilities. They are compelled to live unsafe and hell life of street. Due to the absence of awareness, education and empowerment, maximum number of people from the sexual and gender minorities have been victimized of violence in comparison with other communities. People are behaving the SGM people as animal because of the lack of education and ignorance. Realizing the aforementioned condition and facts and with a view to eliminating such ignorance conservative belief and uplift the life of these people,Inclusive Forum Nepal(IFN) was established on 25th March 2013.

IFN is one of the organization working for Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender Women in Nepal. There are few LGBT organizations in Nepal which are working for LGBT communities in Nepal, However we are working for LBT communities only as the issues of LBT women are more serious than Gays in Nepal

Our Objectives

  • Organization shall be a non-profitable and pro-public social organization
  • Work for the protection and promotion of interest of sexual and gender minorities, exploited, humiliated and people fallen behind due to the cause of their sexuality and gender identity.
  • Take initiative for the fundamental rights and freedom of the sexual and gender minority (LBT) and support for such women by providing free legal aid.
  • Conduct the programs for the improvement of the life of women having other gender identity.
  • Support to carry out the public awareness programs against the domestic violence and sexual exploitation of sexual and gender minority women.
  • Develop coordination, brotherhood and assistance amongst the organizations having similar objectives.

Our Mission and Vision

  • Employment opportunities to LBT women by providing Lifeskills programme.
  • Protect each and every rights of LBT women and support for humanity.

Board of Members

President:  Badri Pun(Dilu Buduja)

Secretary:  Astup Pun

Deputy Secretary:  Binita Gurung

Treasurer:  Dev Gurung

Board Member:  Maya Magar

Member:  Manish Thapa